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Former world champion and pound-for-pound Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is a smart fighter. He has eluded Manny Pacquiao for a couple of years now and even raked millions with his overly exalted sparring sessions with a bloated Juan Manuel Marquez and an aging Shane Mosley.

And when a possible Pacquiao fight loomed for the third time, Mayweather stayed chill and waited until Pacquiao signed up for a trilogy with archnemesis Marquez. Another monumental duckery (if there is such a word) for Mayweather. He then topped the act by signing to fight WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz.

But the Ortiz fight has another purpose – to provide Mayweather with an ample excuse to delay court proceedings for a defamation lawsuit filed against him by Pacquiao. It would have been a genius move. But then again, if something can go wrong, it will. And it did for Mayweather and his cohorts.

Floyd Mayweather's "training excuse" fizzled. Will he appear on court now is the question.

Talk about backfire.

Mayweather knew way before he signed up for the Ortiz fight that he has a defamation case to see to and that he have more than enough time to prepare his argument and evidence, if such exists. The Ortiz fight is a screen to begin with. A move to protect Mayweather’s massive ego.

Now that a court order has been made and Mayweather has been ordered by Las Vegas Federal magistrate Judge Robert Johnston to testify, what can the man who made serious allegations that Pacquiao is chomping on “power pellets” and that “Philippines makes good steroids” do at this point?

Tell the truth. Or man up and get on with his crusade or something.

“I want to clean up my sport” and “I am making a stand for my beliefs” were Mayweather’s constant blabber when he started demanding for an Olympic-style drug test as part of his conditions for a proposed Pacquiao fight. Come Friday, the boxing world will know if Mayweather can fuse substance with his words.

Hey Floyd, if you want to clean up and make a stand, now is the time.


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Kenneth P. Ragpala is an award-winning sports blogger who has been covering the sport of boxing since 2008. His works have appeared in local newspapers in his home city in Cagayan de Oro and in several online publications abroad. Ragpala has written for several boxing websites, namely Fight Hype, 8 Count News, and Bleacher Report.