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Filipino AJ “Bazooka” Banal is not known to be a crafty pugilist. If anything, the young fighter thrives on pummeling and pounding his opponents for those highly-prized knockout wins. On the other hand, Tyson Cave of Canada wants to take both opponent and everyone watching his fight to a treat of his unique brand of showmanship inside the ring.

Come July 30th at the Hoops Dome, Lapu-Lapu City, Banal will go for Cave’s head while the Canadian will go around Banal. If fight fans are already salivating for pure fistic action from the get go, forget it. As Cave admitted in a press conference yesterday, he has no plans to trade power shots with the Filipino slugger.

“The guy has 19 knockouts,” Cave expressed. “I am not going to bang with him if that’s what you are asking.”

Can Tyson Cave walk his talk against AJ Banal?

So what can the fans expect? A runaround?

Not so, Cave said. While the brash and flamboyant WBC Continental Americas super bantamweight titleholder has no intentions of engaging the Bazooka to an all-out firefight, he plans on taking fight fans on a whole new level of boxing entertainment while beating Banal to the punch.

With a flashy fighting approach similar to ring legends Muhammad Ali and Prince Naseem Hamed, any knowledgeable boxing fan would know how the fight will probably go. Some taunts here. Some prancing there. A sneaky right jab here. Some dodging and ducking here and there. A thundering hook right after. And back to taunting and prancing again.

“I am going to do my thing and I will make Banal hate me,” Cave said referring on how he plans to beat his Filipino opponent.

Cave told the press that the gameplan will frustrate Banal and ‘after five rounds, Banal would be like ‘I hate that black guy!’”

“I am telling you, it’s going to be electric,” Cave said, in attempt to convince the press of the promise of a good fight. And by the looks of those media personalities present, Cave got quite a few nods of approval and an applause even.

Ali and Hamed possessed boxing showmanship that is hard to find among prizefighters of our generation – an equal fusion of entertainment and an effective fighting style. If Cave delivers the goods as Ali and Hamed did before him, or at the very least, walk his talk, then fight fans will certainly be in for a treat.

Photo credits: PhilBoxing.com 

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