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ALA Promotions Press Release – OPBF Flyweight Champion Rocky Fuentes of ALA Gym Philippines and promoted by ALA Promotions extended his reign in the OPBF Flyweight division after his masterful demolishing of confident challenger Hirofumi Mukai of Japan in Osaka, Japan Saturday night.

Fuentes who has won and defended the OPBF flyweight crown four times and 3 of them in Japan controlled the fight from the opening bell. The Road Warrior from Cebu showed maturity and poise jabbing his way in and connecting with hooks to the face and the body.

The Japanese Mukai seemed game from the start up to the middle rounds until Fuentes started doing what he does best going in to the side and the center of the body prompting him to put down his arms as a result of the Filipino’s aggressiveness.

A victorious Rocky Fuentes (second from right) poses with his team after beating Hirofumi Mukai.

It was one masterful display of hard work and courage by Fuentes as he continued to mix it up with the Japanese digging in more to the body and and tagging him in the side of the head evidently tiring his back pedaling Japanese foe.

It was a totally different Mukai that entered the ring very confident ad cocky in the first round as the showy pug from Japan was seen crying in his stool after the 10th round. Rocky Fuentes continued his onslaught during the last two rounds that showed the Filipino throw more that fifteen unanswered punches to the Japanese that the referee could’ve stop the fight then.

By nights end Fuentes got the nods of all Judges. After the fight Japanese television anchor interviewed the Filipino Fuentes with the help of Mr. Joe Koizumi who helped out in translation to the crowd. Fuentes said “I would like to thank all the Japanese people who supported the show and to all our Japanese friends who drove from afar to watch the fight.”

He was asked why he is so strong as a fighter and quickly replied “I am strong because I know God is with me when I fight and I always train hard and do my best in training.”

Mukai for his part when interviewed told the press present that “I wanted to keep my distance but I could not seem to react to his punches. He is more powerful than I am.”

He also added that “Now I realized that that’s how world class fighters fight and I clearly learned a lesson.”

“I will start anew,” The Japanese said with teary eyes.

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