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Iligan City, Philippines – General Santos City’s young boxing guns Daryl Basadre and Randy “Razor” Petalcorin scored convincing victories in last Saturday’s Iligan Pride 1, a boxing event held by the City Government of Iligan in celebration of the City Fiesta. However, their triumphs were bittersweet as their stablemate JR Edurot failed to nab a win in the main event. All three fighters are products of a very meticulous boxing program in General Santos City and all are currently promoted by SanMan Promotions.

Daryl Basadre (3-0, 3 KOs) showed impressive and sound boxing foundation in his outing against Michael Bastasa (3-4)of Zamboanga del Norte. Displaying a slick styled approach, Basadre used his superiority in ring generalship, almost potshotting at will against a very inferior opponent. A highly touted amateur before turning professional, Basadre heavily relied on his quick reflexes to dodge Bastasa’s punches and coming back with with his own. While never fully utilizing his jab, Basadre peppered Bastasa with a volley of hard hooks and straights in the 3rd round, ultimately leading to a stoppage.

Daryl Basadre (middle)

PABA light flyweight interim champion Randy “Razor” Petalcorin faced a tough opponent in Arnel Tadena (11-17-3, 4 KOs), whose record belies his toughness and ring craft. Tadena once fought for the WBO Intercontinental flyweight championship back in  2008 but drew with Ryan Bito. After failing to win the said major regional title, Tadena went on and dropped his last 10 fights. Petalcorin, however, added one more loss to Tadena’s resume after a magnificent display of prizefighting, maturity, and composure.

Petalcorin started the fight cautiously, with arms locked in a peek-a-boo position, and measured up Tadena. After a few feints and soft jabs, Petalcorin found his range and began to pepper his opponent with solid jabs followed with combinations. Tadena, however, seemed to absorb whatever Petalcorin can whip out and retaliated with his own combos. But Petalcorin was just too fluid, moving away from Tadena’s reach. While Tadena managed to land some hard shots, most of them were blocked by Petalcorin’s high guard.

Reigning PABA light flyweight interim champion Randy Petalcorin (middle)

By the 6th round, Tadena sensed he was behind the scorecards and tried to bully his way and get Petalcorin off rhythm. There were several occasions where Petalcorin got tagged with strong hooks to the head but the young pride of General Santos City managed to survive his opponents late rallies. Tadena tried to steal the rounds from the 6th inning onwards and attempted to register a strong finish at the 10-second mark of every round since then. But Petalcorin, a very sound prizefighter, would not back down from a trade and engaged Tadena in every slugfest the latter initiates.

Petalcorin received the judges’ nods, who awarded him the unanimous decision win. Their fight was also awarded as the “Fight of the Night” by the event’s organizers. It was Petalcorin’s first bout that went the distance.

In the main event, then undefeated JR Edurot (8-1, 8 KOs) found himself in control of the match against a very wild slugger Alvin Makiling (5-3, 2 KOs). Makiling started the bout with all pistons firing, letting loose punches that were bent to hurt Edurot. But the General Santos city native displayed a superior skill set, countering Makiling with hard potshots and making his opponent miss with graceful footwork. As fight progressed, Makiling maintained his unrefined tactic of swinging wild hooks, hoping to land a big one. But by the 5th round, Makiling was gassing out. Then, a hard straight right from Edurot floored a very exhausted Makiling.

Makiling survived the count and the round. By the 6th round, a revived Makiling started his usual approach again and unloaded tons of power punches. In the middle of the 6th round, a visibly hurt Edurot was getting tagged with almost everything Makiling threw but managed to keep himself up. Edurot still came out for the 7th round but was immediately pounced by an energized Makiling. After a barrage of power shots, Edurot took a knee and was waived off by the referee.

In the dressing room after the fight, this writer learned that Edurot suffered a rib and shoulder injury in the 6th round, which hampered both his offense and defense. Edurot also had a hard time breathing, saying he felt sharp pains in every time he inhales.

Jim Manangquil and his associates in SanMan Promotions were shaken by the loss but assured Edurot that there was nothing to be ashamed about and that he will bounce back stronger and better.


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Kenneth P. Ragpala is an award-winning sports blogger who has been covering the sport of boxing since 2008. His works have appeared in local newspapers in his home city in Cagayan de Oro and in several online publications abroad. Ragpala has written for several boxing websites, namely Fight Hype, 8 Count News, and Bleacher Report.