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Reigning WBA light middleweight Miguel Cotto (36-2, 29 KOs) of Puerto Rico will have the opportunity to even the score with his first conqueror, Mexico’s Antonio Margarito (38-7, 27 KOs), tomorrow, December 3rd, 2011 (December 4th, Manila time) at the Madison Square Garden, New York. First time they fought in July 2008, Cotto beautifully boxed the big Mexican early in the fight, only to be shelled and pounded mercilessly into submission in the 11th round.

This time around, Cotto, who believes that Margarito employed a significant advantage when they clashed before, is certain that he will avenge his loss because both men now are playing on an even field. This writer rounded up several boxing insiders and asked whether or not Cotto can really get past Margarito this time around.

Antonio Margarito (left) brutalized Miguel Cotto (right) the last time around. Will a second encounter yield a different result?

Two men sided with the Mexican.  One, however, is definite that everything will depend on Margarito’s condition, especially the current status of his right eye.

Stacy Goodson, former professional boxer and now a boxing trainer in Paris, Arkansas, told this writer that the “Mexican has Cotto’s number.”

For Goodson, Cotto may start out strong and try to impress himself on Margarito, but the bigger Mexican will only do a repeat of what transpired more than three years ago.

“Believe the hype, Cotto will go and try to take Margarito out,” Goodson told this writer. “But by the middle of the fight, Cotto will get the third beating of his life.”

Asked how the fight will end, Goodson simply said, “I am not saying there will or will not be a stoppage. But it’s going to be brutal for Cotto.”

Writing for Sunstar Bacolod and PhilBoxing.com, Chito Katangkatang did not beat around the bush when ask how he thinks the fight will go down.

“Margarito by late knockout,” Katangkatang told this writer.

For New York-based Rich Mazon, also a writer for PhilBoxing.com, if Margarito did not suffer the eye injury he received from Pacquiao, he would have immediately given the Mexican his nod.

“This is Margarito’s first fight after his eye surgery. It will be a big test for him.

“If not for the eye issue of Margarito, I would have picked him. He is tall, has a long reach, aggressive and relentless in the ring,” Mazon said.

Photo credits: SD Fights

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