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Last week, we saw again one unfortunate happening in boxing. This time in the case of Karlo Maquinto (RIP); died on February 3, 2012, six days after collapsing in the ring following a majority draw against Mark Joseph Costa.

Aside from Maquinto, as far as our short term memory can recall with regards to boxing fatalities; in the case of Z Gorres who undergo brain surgery as a result of his last fight in the US.

This are just few of the recent incident in boxing that encourage me to search and check what is a content of a typical boxing contract. My objective is to find out provision of such contract stating insurance for a boxer that end up in cases I mentioned above.

After typing several keywords in search engines the likes of “boxing” “insurance” and all similar words, I never found a single site that would provide me answer.

Flyweight Boxer Carlo Maquinto (in yellow trunk) knock down during the fight against Joseph Acosta.

Instead, I landed into several boxing contract (templates) wherein I found out that there is no stipulation about insurance for the fighter in any case of death or injuries that may result for a long time medication.

Is it really there? (the insurance or any compensation in the case of injuries or death.)

If yes, then I may not search properly.

But if no, then I think and in my opinion, we need to work things out for this. Philippine boxing authorities like GAB should do something about it.

I’m no boxing contract expert but I think there is a call for this.

This is for the welfare of our professional boxers. Especially for those who are not able to reach every boxers dream but instead end up lying in the canvass forever never to fight again leaving their kin alone with a meager thing called “purse”.

Manny Pacquiao is lucky enough that he performs a concert after every fight because he’s not badly hurt. However, in reality boxing results may not end up like this considering the danger of the sport.

Photo credits: Sports Inquirer

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