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Soon-to-be Hall of Famer Freddie Roach admitted that Timothy Bradley is a tough fighter, but the veteran trainer believes that Manny Pacquiao will get past through the American slugger.

According to Roach, Bradley has a tremendous work ethic, but he fights like Ricky Hatton, which is very suited to the fighting style of the reigning WBO Welterweight champion.

“Bradley’s style of fighting fits Manny very well,” Roach said. “He fights like Hatton and happened to Hatton when he fought Manny. He went down for good just in the second round.”

Pacquiao fought Hatton in 2009 in a match that ended with the British champion absorbing an embarrassing second-round knockout defeat.

Roach recognizes that Bradley has a stronger chin and well-conditioned than Hatton, but he strongly declared that the American boxer will just fall down like Hatton and will not last more than six rounds.

“He fights just like Hatton with a stronger chin,” Roach said. “He thinks he’s the best conditioned boxer in the world. Not much power. Not much footwork. He’s not shifty”

Roach also downplayed the possibility of Bradley changing his style of play to confuse Pacquiao. Known as a slugger, news broke out that Bradley is looking to turn into a counter-puncher, a style that is suited against Pacquiao, which was very evident in his three fights with Juan Manuel Marquez.

The hall-of-fame trainer dismissed the possibility, saying that a boxer cannot change style just like changing his clothes and that Bradley will fight Pacquiao with his usual style, which is tailor-made for the pound-for-pound king.

Pacquiao is now in Los Angeles after training for two weeks in Baguio. According to Roach, he is impressed with Pacquiao’s work ethic and he is confident that the Filipino champion will reach his peak in time for the June 9 bout with Bradley.

“Manny is more motivated now to win impressively as in his lackluster performance against Marquez,” Roach said. “He wants to erase the stigma of that performance and reclaim his reputation as the world’s pound-for-pound king and that would be a bad news for Bradley.”

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