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Timothy Bradley promised to shock the world, and he did so but with the help of the people who judged the fight.

The undefeated American scored a highly controversial win over former World Boxing Organization welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao on Sunday in Las Vegas.

With fight seemed to be lopsided in favor of the Pacquiao, the judges saw otherwise awarding a split decision to Bradley. One judged scored it 115-113 in favor of Pacquiao. The two other judges had the same score, but had it in favor of Bradley.

The decision shocked the world including promoter Bob Arum, who blasted the judges and called their decision ridiculous, a decision that made him ashamed of the sports of boxing for the first time ever.

But despite the controversy surrounding Pacquiao’s defeat, the Filipino eight-division champion accepted the unfair decision and vowed to comeback big time in his next fight.

Although a rematch is still hanging on the balance after the fans expressed their disgust and some declared that they won’t be interested in a rematch, Pacquiao said that he’ll go for a knockout once a rematch is arranged.

According to Pacquiao, his biggest mistake was he did not tried hard to knockout Bradley – a mistake that he promised not to do again when he goes up inside the ring against the Bradley.

“That will make me become a warrior in the next few months,” Pacquiao said. “Because in the rematch, my feeling is I don’t want to go the whole 12 rounds.”

Pacquiao looked to be in full control of the fight especially in the earlier rounds when he stung Bradley with his powerful combination that obviously hurt his opponent. He seemed to have slowed down in the latter rounds, but experts believe that it was not enough to give Bradley the win, with some saying that the fight wasn’t even close.

“This isn’t about a close decision,” Arum said. “This is absurd and ridiculous and everyone involved in boxing should be ashamed.”

Pacquiao and Bradley could step on the ring once again and November 10 in a match that will clear the air and erase the doubts about their highly-controversial bout.

Photo Credits: fightnews.com

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