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The public clamor is expected to continue and gets a lot stronger after the Nevada state attorney general released her decision, saying that she found no criminal violations from the three judges during the controversial Manny Pacquiao – Timothy Bradley bout last month.

According to Nevada AG Catherine Masto, she found not concrete evidence that will prove that the judges should face criminal liabilities after scoring the controversial fight in favor of Bradley.

The decision led to a public clamor that Pacquiao was robbed, which forced Top Rank boss Bob Arum to request for an investigation, but the veteran promoter did not get the result that he wanted.

“After conducting an initial investigation, there do not appear to be any facts or evidence to indicate that a criminal violation occurred,” Masto said in a letter that was made public on Wednesday. “As of this date, no one has presented any facts or evidence to indicate a crime has been committed by anyone involved in the Bradley-Pacquiao fight.”

Masto also added that after finding no irregularities with the judging and the gambling side of the fight, no more further investigation will be made, shedding no light to the highly-criticized decision of the three judges.

On June 10, Manny Pacquiao looked to be on his way to another successful defense of his title, but not until the scorecards were read.

Judge Jerry Roth gave his nod to Pacquiao, 115-113. The other two judges, CJ Ross and Duane Ford, also had it 115-113, but in favor of Bradley, who became the new World Boxing Organization welterweight champion.

The decision led to surreal criticisms and some boxing experts dubbed it as the worst decision in boxing ever, which prompted WBO to review the fight.

After creating a review panel that includes five experienced international judges, WBO decided in favor of Pacquiao, but clarified that they can’t reverse the decision and the only thing that they can do is to order a rematch between Bradley and Pacquiao.

Pacquiao is aching for a rematch, but it remains to be seen whether the two will meet again on November or the former champion will go for a fourth fight against nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez.

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