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By: Reni M. Valenzuela

Pacman has power and chin, while Dinamita has less of both in light of the Pacquiao “Dynamo.”

Boxing trainer Freddie Roach overlooked this aspect, the reason being why he flunked miserably in the past three fights of his iconic protégé versus Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Marquez. But is Marquez really a puzzle to fix or just a bind that has to be untangled in the minds of certain people?

The main problem of Manny Pacquiao about the style of Marquez is the inability of his chief handler to coach him how to counter the counterpunches of Marquez beyond simply avoiding those punches or avoiding Marquez altogether. If Team Pacquiao will be able to figure that out by plotting a course and executing the strategy unrestrained, and with full “Pacman confidence,” then they would have solved “Dinamita.”

Boxers are not the ones at fault why they sometimes lose to a supposedly easy opponent. How odd it is, but how true also that boxing is a sport or a game of competition among fighters inside the squared ring as they are wisely taught, trained and guided by their respective coaches or else coaches are to be blamed, or to be rendered useless.

Roach, Pacquiao and Buboy Fernandez should come up with a master plan that would produce the master key to unlock the safe wherein the Marquez puzzle is kept and which the same key should serve to be a puzzle for Marquez and his team to solve, from training days to fight night.

A plan that would surely provoke constant exchange of punches between the arch rivals, with single-minded Pacquiao, this time, knowing where to go; a plan that would provide the openings for Pacman power-blows to hit Marquez, and hit him unreservedly. A plan that would create classic “flurry of punches” emanating from both boxers throughout the entire fight, notwithstanding Marquez’s probable option to cover and cower after three rounds, should he survive the rounds.

A plan that would push Marquez to the unseen wall that is full of surprises, but which explosive moment the aging Marquez cannot afford to withstand and prevail without resorting to his knees on account of the risk that he could suddenly fall. And fall terribly bad.

The master plan should be a kind that would keep Nacho Beristain and his ward guessing until the first bell rings to get the ball rolling for a quick grand play in the MGM Grand, and for the fans worldwide to marvel anew and enjoy watching the Pacquiao magic.

The Paquiao-Marquez fights have been more of a fight between Roach and Beristain. The latter knocked out the former three times. So what then could be the point for Beristain to battle Roach for a fourth face off?

Freddie Roach has been incompetent in the Pacquiao-Marquez saga. He has no other option but to rise to the occasion every time but every time he seems to rise only in stubbornness to shrink from “Dinamita” and be indifferent to the challenges of deeper thinking, brighter eyesight and a braver heart.

Roach is a legendary boxing trainer and a worthy future Hall-of-Famer. He has done his share of the great job in developing Pacquiao into a complete boxer. Roach is worthy of the accolades he has received so far in the sport, especially as a trainer and coach to the first and only eight-division boxing champion.

Roach is deserving of respect and admiration, that in spite of being afflicted with Parkinson’s disease, he has managed to climb up Mt. Everest for years. He is a physically run down person under daily treatment, but one who amazes people because he remains active and tireless in the sport. Roach is extraordinary. Indeed, an accomplished trainer and coach whose worth and respectability in boxing may be impeccable.

Except, of course, that Roach doesn’t seem to be of any worth and he doesn’t seem to command respect when Pacquiao fights Marquez.

Marquez boasts to “knockout” Pacquiao. That’s a problem for Marquez, not for Pacquiao. And Pacquiao exudes so much “confidence” belittling Marquez during interviews. That’s a problem for Pacquiao, not Marquez.

The arrow and shield for Dinamita to win is strategy. For Pacman, it’s the same and confidence.

Confidence causes everything to fall into place and clears the way to smooth and easy passage of strength, talents and virtues. Confidence is the initial gear that propels a motor car to get going toward its destination. Confidence works as a combustion to ignite living faith that brings about the good things in life. Confidence has the spontaneity to bring out the instinctive abilities in man to its potentials; that which can be connected and aligned to power and the supernatural.

But confidence is a product of ample preparation, not a mere emotion. Preparation for the fight, not interviews. Just like a minister who would deliver a sermon unprepared and who would likely end up ineffective as a consequence, due mainly to lack of confidence rather than lack of preparation.

Mentors are not in training camps for naught.

They burn eyebrows and numb knees in solitude.

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