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Juan Manuel Marquez had a surprising statement on Tuesday as he hinted out that he could shun the proposed fifth fight against his arch rival Manny Pacquiao.

Multiple reports suggested that Pacquiao vs Marquez 5 is almost a done deal and has already been scheduled in September, but Marquez said in an interview with Boxingscene that no contract has been signed and that he is leaning towards snubbing the proposal.

Marquez said: “I think for me there is no point in a fifth fight. We already achieved the desired result. Then why do it? So I also asked several people, several friends that I have around me and they told me not to do it, that there is no point in a fifth fight. I said before the fourth fight that no matter how this fight ends, there cannot be a fifth.”

The 39-year-old Mexican finally avenged himself during their fourth bout last December 8 in Las Vegas when he knocked out his nemesis in the sixth round of their bout with a powerful one-punch counter that sent the eight division champion face first down to the canvass.

After the fight, Top Rank boss Bob Arum hinted the possibility of staging a fifth fight between the two ring warriors, which was readily accepted by both Pacquiao and Marquez. The Mexican’s promoter Fernando Beltran also said that they will give Pacquiao a rematch, considering the fact that the former pound-for-pound king gave the Mexican another opportunity last year.

Marquez’s sudden change of tune could derail the proposed Pacquiao vs Marquez 5 with reports circulating that the Mexican is aching for a shot against Floyd Mayweather.

Marquez could look for another fight, but boxing experts believe that his statement was made to send a signal to Top Rank promotions that he deserves a better purse this time. During their last bout, Pacquiao received $26 million, while Marquez got $6 million, which will definitely change once they agree to face each other again later this year.

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