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It took the world’s “number one” boxer to hit the wall before he got to read the writings on it. Finally, he has resolved to be brave and courageous for he has reasons to be so.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s “brilliance” rests on him being aware that “greatness” in boxing can quickly disappear by a single devastating loss in a tightly competitive fight. So he dreads the scenario. And so he decided to play safe.
What befell the once adored “superstar in the making” Nonito Donaire as a result of fighting a better boxer is a recent case in point. He soared precedent to the judgment day, receiving accolades one after another and was unanimously voted 2012 Fighter of the Year. Donaire heaped so much “hallelujahs” from all of media which seems like yesterday. On top of the universe, he was being positioned to be the upcoming “pound-for-pound” king. But, oh, came April 13 of this year when “David,” the underdog Guillermo Rigondeaux, pulled him down from his perch.
Mayweather knows full well that any contemporary boxer can be great in “boxing today” equally as he is “great” in the eyes of gropers should the boxer go the “Mayweather way.”

mayweather vs alvarezA boxer’s loss doesn’t make him any lesser than what he was – prior to losing. The loss, like fire, simply reveals what stuff he’s made of. Hence, gold shines brightest under severest heat. Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Roberto Duran, Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr. and the other gallant champions of the past could have opted to cherry-pick opponents to remain unbeaten and appear “great,” but they did not. And they are great.
Sorry for “The Flash” Donaire. He is consequently nowhere to be heard and read these days in the praises of his former devotees without probably even one of them considering that anybody who stumbles but loves his father and mother may rise up many times over, and greater.

Take heed those who always “win” for they may be destined to lose, and lose big without hope in the end. Every soul, on his way to greatness, has to suffer loss at certain points. Even superheroes in fiction movies experience losing. It is for a special purpose that Angelo and Da Vinci had always dark colors to use for their majestic masterpieces. How incomparably needful the “colors” would be for frail human beings – to make them better and whole, not bitter and torn apart.
But Floyd makes no bones, it seems, about doing now what’s right for him and the fans. The unbeaten “Bad Boy” of boxing might have come back home, at last. He just maneuvered a significant u-turn in his life and boxing career to confront reality. No more cherry-picking until he retires from active fighting, presumably. Thus here comes the anticipated Mayweather vs. Alvarez set on September 14 and soon the long-awaited mega bout between arch rivals Manny Pacquiao and Mayweather himself. Sigh…

But when will the Filipino sports icon read his tablet and realize his own “lostness”?
What ring tone of a clock could be effective enough to awaken Pacquiao from slumber to see the morning light? Who would be the frank, honest and influential ally to make him believe that the stubbornly ambitious road he is treading in politics or “politics” is no road to do him and his legacy good except the suckers that roam around the jungles, the vultures that glide in polluted heavens and the sharks that lurk in shallow waters of corrupt politics?
Success can be subtly disastrous if one ends up being surrounded by people who say only what tickles his ears. Will someone be truly concerned and tell Pacquiao what sycophants won’t dare think of telling him? But listen to no man who does not listen to God.

Pacquiao’s best representation is not to Philippine Congress as Saranggani’s Representative with ominous tendencies that go with it. But to the world as his nation’s treasure, being a model champion/athlete for the present and future generations – to inspire millions of people around the globe and be a living witness for God and humanness.
You can, Pacman! But you can’t walk in disobedience and expect winning in battles of life along the way. Redeem truth before it is fully taken away from you. Get up from your falls caused by political adventures and wanderings, and by the ignominious losses you suffered against the “magician” Marquez and “Lotto winner” Bradley. Be the person you are divinely called to be even until long after you retired from boxing.

I dare not choose my lot; I would not if I might: Choose Thou for me my God, so shall I walk aright.” – Horatius Bonar

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